Fear Series

Fear Series: Senior Gallery at Indiana Wesleyan University (2012)

Bess A. Yontz Illustration

I struggle with fear in its variety of forms and I know many of us do. Many of us, however, do not like to discuss these fears, so I found it to be a great topic to discuss through illustrations. In this series a young girl is confronted by Fear, (a literal, form-changing monster in this case), and she chooses to run from it. As she flees, she finds herself in different environments believing that Fear can’t reach her in these other places. But Fear finds her no matter where she goes and she is forced to realize that she must find the courage in herself to confront the Fear.




The Fear Series was created for my senior gallery at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2012. The series is made up of five paintings and several smaller sketches and process images. 


You can also view the Fear Series in my Portfolio. To see more on the process behind these pieces, visit the Concepts and Process pages.  


Fear Series: Scene 1
Fear Series: Scene 2
Fear Series: Scene 3
Fear Series: Scene 4
Scene 5: Fear Series
Concept Sketch of Young Girl
Land Fear Design
Sea Fear Design
Sky Fear Design
The Eye of Fear Concept
Flying Machine from Fear Series

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Fear Series: Scene 3

"Fear in the Sea"